Privacy Enforcement Agencies and Sanctions on the Rise

In a recent blog post, Peter Fleischer, Global Privacy Counsel for Google, talks about future trends for both privacy authorities and their penalties. In both areas, the numbers will continue to increase as new laws, proposals and agencies are created to combat the threat of privacy breaches.

Fleischer looked at the large number of privacy enforcement authorities and the increasing severity of their associated fines
and other punishments. Mention was made of Data Protection Authorities (DPAs) as the primary method of combating privacy infringements. These work in varying ways, including fines, press
releases and legal contracts.

However, while these are the primary organizations policing privacy information, Fleischer also states that there are other smaller authorities, such as attorney generals and solicitors, who can conduct legal action when it comes to privacy claims. He
claims that the number of these authorities is set to grow in the future. Even in regions where class actions don’t exist for privacy claims, there are new proposals in place to change legislation, which could result in spikes of arbitration around privacy security breaches.

Fleischer predicts that these trends will continue as the number of enforcement authorities and the strict nature of the penalties that they impose increases further.

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