January 2012 HIPAA-HITECH Compliance eNewsletter Published

Our January 2012 HIPAA-HITECH eNewsletter has been published.  Read our January 2012 HIPAA-HITECH Compliance eNewsletter to learn more … HIPAA-HITECH security updates, education events, alerts and tips of importance to everyone striving to safeguard electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI). This month’s eNewsletter contains an Open Letter to the C-Suite…We continue to feature HIPAA Security Rule, Privacy Rule and Data Breach Notification updates, including the latest from the US Department of Health and Human Services’ “Wall of Shame” – OCR’s Data Breach Notification web page.

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  1. Putra 21 December 2014 at 8:41 am #

    Hi Rajesh,That’s actually what i am sinyag in this post. There is the limitation of sending events to a non JB phone, therefore it is one of the common practices in test automation. However, i am also sinyag that Perfecto have an instrumented (compile-time) solution in place for iOS which can enable the same on a non JB device.The customer can decide based on his SDLC, risk analysis and policies which approach to choose, while we have both within a secure cloud environment.Regards,Eran

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