Expanding HIPAA Regulations: How This Affects Your Email

With the HIPAA broadening in scope, it is important for businesses to keep informed about all of the
latest developments. Download a free whitepaper to help you devise a corporate email solution that prevents any
future information breaches.

Recent changes in HIPAA have meant that IT security regulations are more comprehensive
than ever before. Whereas previously these laws only concerned healthcare organizations, they
have now been expanded to cover their business partners as well.

This whitepaper by Proofpoint,Inc. goes over the latest legal developments in the field and outlines how to implement a secure email solution which avoids all the potential pitfalls. By keeping abreast of all of HIPAA’s latest provisions, penalties and technology requirements, you can then ensure that all outgoing healthcare-related email is kept purely confidential.

To download this free guide, visit http://www.healthcareinfosecurity.com/whitepapers.php?


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