Boost Your Reputation with an Effective Privacy Policy

A recent PWC survey showed that the right privacy procedures can provide an easy boost in patient confidence and satisfaction.

As health-related information breaches regularly hit the headlines, it is obvious that they can cause bad publicity and hurt an organization’s reputation. The important question though is whether good privacy policies can do the opposite and actually benefit a business.

A recent survey by PricewaterhouseCoopers indicated this by showing that 30% of consumers would choose one hospital over another if it had better privacy and security policies in place. This was far above the 17% of survey participants who were solely swayed by the use of electronic records.

Additionally, the survey found that health information exchanges actually provide a positive impression, with 60% of participants saying that these programs improved healthcare coordination between different organizations.

Thus, by informing your patients of the steps you take to protect their personal information and by reviewing your security measures on a regular basis, you can avoid future crises and retain the public’s confidence in your services.

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