A New Attitude Needed for HIPAA Compliance

Recent legal action means that compliance for the HIPAA is shifting from a voluntary matter to one that is heavily regulated. To be successful, this change will require the development of several universal policies and reforms.

Recently, a number of HIPAA information breaches and major company infractions have occurred, making it clear that government regulators are required for proper enforcement. This fact is backed up by HealthcareInfoSecurity’s survey, Healthcare Information Security Today, which showed that improving corporate regulation compliance is a top priority.

A large portion of businesses either do not have a risk assessment in place or have already suffered information breaches in the past.
One essential area in combating this problem is education, which should be tailored to a company’s individual performance as well as its problem areas so that the correct changes can be implemented.

For the full story by Adam Greene, visit  http://www.healthcareinfosecurity.com/podcasts.php?podcastID=1269&rf=2011-11-11-eh&elq=2f2fea87c1b742aba7b873086032dba9&elqCampaignId=806


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