Robb Doom CIO – National Renal Alliance

“National Renal Alliance is very proactive about regulatory compliance. We know that the HIPAA Security Rule is complex and very comprehensive. At the time, we weren’t quite sure how to get started. We knew we had to quickly take stock of where we were relative to compliance and we needed to jump start our HIPAA compliance program. We used the HIPAA Security Assessment ToolKit(tm) to do exactly that. The HIPAA Security Assessment Excel tool is an easy-to-use, yet exhaustive coverage of the exacting requirements of the security. Not only did we have a realtime gauge of our compliance status, the other content built into the toolkit helped us jump start our policies and procedures development and our training program. Equally importantly, the process of going through the self-assessment was a great shared learning experience and teambuilding exercise. As a result of using the HIPAA Security Assessment ToolKit(tm), we developed a benchmark score against which we can measure our compliance progress, identified numerous safeguards we implemented immediately, became well-prepared for the formal Risk Analysis process required by law and garnered management support for this critical compliance program. In retrospect, I can’t think of a better or more efficient way to get started than to use the HIPAA Security Assessment ToolKit.”

Robb Doom
CIO – National Renal Alliance


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