Jason Rose VP & CIO – Inspiris, Inc.

“While at Inspiris, Inc in 2004, we launched several programs to assure our compliance with the then-new HIPAA Privacy and HIPAA Security Final Rules.  We needed a way to launch our HIPAA Security Rule compliance program quickly and efficiently given all the ePHI we handled for our patients and our customers, the managed care plans.  Taking on risk as an “insurer”, we were clearly a HIPAA Covered Entity.  HIPAA Security was complex with very detailed requirements.  We sought guidance to assist us with our next steps.  It was clear we needed to assess our state of compliance and needed to resolve any potential gaps in our HIPAA compliance program.

We used the HIPAA Security Assessment ToolKit™, a HIPAA compliance software tool that Bob Chaput and his team developed.  Through a combination of self-assessments and facilitated assessments, led by Bob, we covered of the exacting requirements of the HIPAA security law.  The Compliance Indicator provided a dynamic progress metric not only for the initial assessment, but also served as an internal benchmark measure the results of our remediation work.

The process expedited assessment of gaps in our HIPAA Security Compliance program, began to address risk mitigation tasks within a matter of days and, through the detailed coverage of the law in the assessment tool, positioned the organization for the remaining phases of our security compliance program… the ‘ToolKit’ was a sound investment for the company, and I can’t think of a better framework upon which to launch compliance efforts.

Jason Rose
VP & CIO – Inspiris, Inc.

Introductory HIPAA Security Assessment ToolKit™ Price – $987.00



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