Health Firms and the Rising Need for Security

As privacy laws are passed and the frequency of breaches rises within the medical sector, it is up to
each organisation to step up to the plate. The complexity of the issue, especially when it comes to
breach methods and the regulations required, makes this a very difficult task however.

As data breaches become more likely, those within the healthcare industry have to work hard
to implement effective preventative measures to protect themselves and their patients. While
most organizations perform well, providing the right level of security can be difficult, especially
because of the sheer number of people sharing information, as well as the breadth of the data being
handled. Security can be compromised in many different ways, especially through lost hardware,
and information may then be sold to interested parties on the black market. As well as this, the strict
nature of laws, such as HIPAA, means that a data breach is almost inevitable. Conflicting federal and
state regulations do not help the issue either, and it is up to each healthcare organization to keep
abreast of these requirements and ensure that their security platforms sufficiently abide by them.

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