How To Revitalize Your HIPAA-HITECH Compliance Program

Recorded 11/17/2011 10am CT – HIPAA HITECH Webinar Event

Are you ready for an OCR-funded KPMG audit?  Need help starting or revitalizing your program? Learn how to prepare…

It’s possible that you just returned from an inter-planetary mission and missed the fact that The HITECH Act of 2009 has made sweeping changes to HIPAA compliance requirements.  Enforcement is on the upswing; penalties are orders of magnitude higher; and a much larger net has been cast to include Business Associates (stay tuned agents and subcontractors!)  Needless to say, the consequences are non-compliance are very serious.

The HIPAA HITECH Compliance Program Challenge

The deadline for HIPAA Security Rule compliance for Covered Entities (CEs) was April 2005!  More recently, Business Associates (BAs) become statutorily obligated to comply with the law in February 2010. The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act, which was enacted as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009, significantly modified and strengthened many aspects of the HIPAA Security Rule (and Privacy Rule), including the penalties that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) could impose for violations of the HIPAA rules.  The Breach Notification Interim Final Rule requires even more vigilance and robust controls programs.

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The Solution

If you receive, store, process or transmit ePHI, you need to attend this webinar.  No matter where you are in your HIPAA-HITECH compliance journey, you will benefit from ideas on how to:

  • Jump-start your program
  • Revitalize your compliance efforts
  • Update your program with HITECH requirements
  • Develop an internal benchmarking system
  • Implement safeguards as soon as possible
  • Evaluate current administrative, physical and technical safeguards

Many CEs and BAs have ignored the regulations for the last six years.  A majority of BAs are not even aware of their new obligations under the law. Will compliance change? — Most experts think so and so do we! The HITECH Act has been called a “game changer” because it significantly strengthens many aspects of the HIPAA Security Rule (and Privacy Rule), including the penalties that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) could impose for violations of the HIPAA rules as well as enforcement. As a visible demonstration of seriousness, HHS has begun posting Data Breach Notifications/Violations, required by law, on its web site.

The Results

With the information and approaches presented in this webinar, you will become prepared to revitalize your HIPAA-HITECH compliance program by learning:

  • How to form your right cross-functional team and governance to establish your program
  • The new Civil Monetary Penalty System and consequences of non-compliance
  • Recent cases posted on the HHS “Wall of Shame” Web site •    How to assess your compliance with the regulations
  • What comprises a balanced HIPAA Security program
  • Practical, actionable steps to take today to mitigate risk and help assure compliance

Who Should Attend?

Business leaders and managers with responsibility for HIPAA-HITECH Privacy and Security compliance programs should attend.  CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Chief Compliance Officers, Chief Risk Officers, Chief Privacy Officers, Chief Security Officers, Chief Information Officers.


This webinar is designed to help CEs and BAs understand and act on the major changes brought about by The HITECH Act and help these organizations get started on their HIPAA-HITECH compliance programs.

Presented by: Bob Chaput, CEO – Clearwater Compliance LLC

We hope you can join us and benefit from this timely webinar!  Write to us with any question you want covered in this webinar!

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